In the Press! Article in Nevada Public Radio’s “Desert Companion” magazine.

In the Facebook and Instagram era, it's easy to imagine that our most precious memories are saved and easily available.... … [Read more...]

New Project in the Works: “Transitions”

Meet circus performer Stephanie Castellone. After years as a spectacular aerialist, contortionist and burlesque artist, she is getting ready for the next phase of life. Transitions are unsettling for most of us and can affect our very sense of identity. We plan to follow Stephanie on her journey as she exits the performer's life and embraces her biggest challenge yet.   … [Read more...]

New Project in the Works!

Las Vegas's own Richard Faverty is the subject of our next Life-Portraits documentary! Richard is a legendary photographer whose work has been featured everywhere from the cover of Time Magazine and front page of the New York Times to the iconic billboards of the Las Vegas Strip. And did you know had a career as a performer himself? Get ready to meet Professor Bubbles!   … [Read more...]

Voting While Homeless: “The Forgotten Constituencies”

Las Vegas has one of the highest rates of homelessness in the country. How can their voices be heard? Last campaign season we went out to learn if homeless people are able to vote. It is not a simple answer, but one we would like to continue to explore g during the midterm election season. Short film by Tony Mendoza. … [Read more...]

Production in Mexico

“I highly recommend using Nikki Corda and her expertise to create a visual editorial to promote your business.  She brings an ability to tell a visual story that is honest and real.  Her sense of style and continuity was invaluable in making our promotional shorts.  We shot on location in very tricky and trying environments in Mexico, yet she still managed to bring professionalism and creativity to our shoots.  It was a great experience.  The … [Read more...]

Ian Hirsch: A Portrait

“Nikki Corda took the idea of a testimonial, poured her heart into it and came out with a piece of art. My business identity was transformed with each Docu-Mercial® she produced, and business has never been better.” — Ian Hirsch, President, Fortress Credit Services. This 28 minute portrait of Ian Hirsch highlights the miracles he performed for hundreds of Las Vegas families during the mortgage crisis. Featuring clips from various client … [Read more...]

Morrie Liebling: “I’m the Boss” / Life-Portraits Trailer

Nikki and the Life-Portraits crew, thank you so very much for the amazing Life-Portrait you created of my father! The video we received far exceeded our expectations and will be a keepsake for our family for generations to come…..” -Karen Liebling, Chicago, IL This is a trailer taken from a full-length (50 minute) biographical documentary. Please CONTACT US to see Morrie's entire Life-Portrait! Original music by Mike Corda. … [Read more...]

Steve Haggard Docu-Mercial

This is Steve Haggard's story of how he survived the mortgage crisis. A Docu-Mercial® does not use actors or scripts. Our creative approach to your marketing needs features real people speaking from the heart. … [Read more...]

“Urban Rescuers” Documentary

Urban Rescuers is an award winning animal advocacy documentary which has been broadcast on various localPBS affiliates. It originally premiered at the Valley Film Festival and won the Best Documentary prize. The film has screened in several other festivals and was accepted into the collection of the National Humane Education Society Library. Recently, Clark County Commissioner Giunchigliani used Urban Rescuers as a teaching tool to help pass an … [Read more...]

The Millers’ Docu-Mercial

In today's marketing climate you need something that will engage people on an emotional level and show how your services are unique. Why not take the concept of a testimonial to this next level? A Docu-Mercial® allows your potential customers to witness the REAL story behind how you can help them.  Watch the following Docu-Mercial® we produced for Fortress Credit Services, Las Vegas. … [Read more...]