New Project in the Works: “Transitions”

Meet circus performer Stephanie Castellone. After years as a spectacular aerialist, contortionist and burlesque artist, she is getting ready for the next phase of life. Transitions are unsettling for most of us and can affect our very sense of identity. We plan to follow Stephanie on her journey as she exits the performer's life and embraces her biggest challenge yet.   … [Read more...]

New Project in the Works!

Las Vegas's own Richard Faverty is the subject of our next Life-Portraits documentary! Richard is a legendary photographer whose work has been featured everywhere from the cover of Time Magazine and front page of the New York Times to the iconic billboards of the Las Vegas Strip. And did you know had a career as a performer himself? Get ready to meet Professor Bubbles!   … [Read more...]

Morrie Liebling: “I’m the Boss” / Life-Portraits Trailer

Nikki and the Life-Portraits crew, thank you so very much for the amazing Life-Portrait you created of my father! The video we received far exceeded our expectations and will be a keepsake for our family for generations to come…..” -Karen Liebling, Chicago, IL This is a trailer taken from a full-length (50 minute) biographical documentary. Please CONTACT US to see Morrie's entire Life-Portrait! Original music by Mike Corda. … [Read more...]

“The Best is Yet to Come” / Life-Portraits Short

This is a short, personal documentary about my father. It appeared at Cinevegas in June '08 as part of the CSN showcase. Directed, produced, shot and edited by Nikki Corda.     … [Read more...]