Documentary Commercials for Your Business

Beyond testimonials…

Discover the amazing power of the Docu-Mercial® to captivate your potential customers.

We do not use actors or write scripts. Instead, we have found there is no better advertising than the genuine experience of a happy client. 

We approach your project with a filmmaker’s eye for visual imagery and a keen story sense to create a compelling, documentary-style commercial, web video or short film.

The result will be a testament to the impact your company has on the lives of the people you service.


Watch samples of our work:

Santangelo Lighting and Design Montages

We spent a week in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, in the artisan workshops documenting the production of these stunning, world class Santangelo fixtures. For this series we chose to let the imagery speak for itself; there is no need for distracting voice-over. Journey with us through these 12 unique vignettes:

“I highly recommend using Nikki Corda and her expertise to create a visual editorial to promote your business.  She brings an ability to tell a visual story that is honest and real.  Her sense of style and continuity was invaluable in making our promotional shorts.  We shot on location in very tricky and trying environments in Mexico, yet she still managed to bring professionalism and creativity to our shoots.  It was a great experience.  The films bring a personalization and visual aspect to our business that will really create understanding and bring our clients closer to our process.” — Al Santangelo, Owner & Designer, Santangelo Lighting and Design


Ian Hirsch: A Portrait

This 28 minute portrait of Ian Hirsch highlights the miracles he performed for hundreds of Las Vegas families during the mortgage crisis. Featuring clips from various client Docu-Mercials, it is a true testament to Ian to witness his customers speaking from the heart.

“Nikki Corda took the idea of a testimonial, poured her heart into it and came out with a piece of art. My business identity was transformed with each Docu-Mercial® she produced, and business has never been better.” — Ian Hirsch, President, Fortress Credit Services


Steve Haggard’s Docu-Mercial
Docu-Mercial for Fortress Credit Services


The Millers’ Docu-Mercial
Docu-Mercial for Fortress Credit Services


Scott Guilland Docu-Mercial
Docu-Mercial for Fortress Credit Services, Las Vegas.


Wanda Dail Docu-Mercial
Docu-Mercial for Fortress Credit Services, Las Vegas.


The McDowells’ Docu-Mercial
Docu-Mercial for Fortress Credit Services, Las Vegas.


The Gholson’s Docu-Mercial
Docu-Mercial for Marshall Law Group, Las Vegas.


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